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What are the differences between cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts?

The flower is cannabis in its natural form, however, oils, concentrates, and extracts, derived from the plant, provide users with incredible benefits they won’t get just from smoking the flower. In this article, we’ll break down the difference between these forms of cannabis and explain some of the perks that come with each.

Cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts are the main categories that virtually all cannabis products like hash, vape oil, CBD oil, and tinctures fall into. These other extracts are refined to give users a smooth, clean experience when inhaled and they don’t have to be smoked to be enjoyed. Here’s a general overview of what defines these various forms of cannabis:

  • Ingestible oils are oils that can be consumed with food or drink or in a capsule.
  • THC oils are the intoxicating oils that come with a sense of euphoria, but can be used medically. You’re probably most familiar with the kind known as dabs.
  • CBD oils are the non-intoxicating oils used primarily for medical purposes, especially to treat soreness, pain relief, and anxiety. 
  • Vaporizer cartridges are basically the oil attachments for cannabis e-cigarettes. Be sure to thoroughly check the ingredients and double-check that the brand you’re using has been lab-tested.

Each type of extract serves a decidedly different purpose. Figure out what effects you want, what your price range is if you’re going to use a particular type habitually, and what brands you like. Of course, we are happy to help if you browse our retailer offerings or speak to one of our reps.

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