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Could Cannabis-infused Cocktails be The Next Big Thing?

If you’ve ever thought of adding cannabis to your cocktails, you’re far from alone. There’s a growing trend in bars and households around the U.S. of mixing cannabis and alcohol. However, in order to do this it’s best for those interested to learn how to mix them expertly. Cannabis can get you high and alcohol can get you drunk, but these are two very different types of reactions within the human body. You may feel the effects of alcohol quickly, while cannabis drinkables can hit you at a rate more similar to edibles. The marijuana high from drinking also tends to last longer with an average of five to six hours and the effects may linger into the following day. Having said that, cannabis-infused beverages also open up a whole new world of possibilities for those who enjoy cannabis and cocktails. 

Cannabis has a unique herbal flavor. The degree and type of flavor exactly will depend on the strain you use. In general, cannabis mixes well with a variety of liquors and ingredients. Because of its versatility, cannabis-infused drinks will likely be at the forefront of this responsible-intoxication, holistic push. A change in both legislation and attitudes is seeing everything from alcohol-free cannabis-infused beer to CBD-infused water pop up in bars and shops around the country. 

Another emerging trend is one we just mentioned: non-alcoholic cocktails. Many companies are creating CBD cocktail bitters to enable bartenders to easily add CBD to their handiwork. Often times, this time of cocktail targets people aiming to cut back on alcohol consumption, while still being slightly altered and receiving the perks of improved mood, contentment, and calmness. CBD-laced syrups are yet another way to add cannabis to your drinks. 

Consumers are starting to shift towards wanting minimally-processed, organic drinks. Cannabis, being a planet, fits the desires of this growing demand. The cannabis drink market will be worth more than two-billion dollars by 2026. On top of the recreational use of cannabis drinks, the concept of marijuana as medical aid has certainly launched this market. Another segment of users want a smoke-free cannabis experience and this enables them to indulge that in a way that’s familiar to them. Cannabis-infused drinks include hemp juices, CBD-infused oil-water, CBD-infused tea, THC-infused beer, THC wine, hemp milk, and hemp gin. 

As the general public become more educated about the differences between CBD and THC, we could see the market grow even quicker. Soon soccer moms will be drinking their CBD-infused water on the sidelines of the game and buying hemp milk for their kiddos’ cereal in the morning.

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