Who is CanIDeal?

CanIDeal is the first fully-legal, digital B2B wholesale dispensary products marketplace for the cannabis industry. Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use and safe ecommerce solution for entrepreneurs in the market for CBD and ancillary products.

What we are doing for the cannabis market?

The state of the industry and why CanIDeal came to be:

  • The B2B cannabis market is estimated to be $23 billion, over 2 X the value of just marijuana, and growing at a rate of 30% a year.
  • For years, the cannabis market had no internet infrastructure due to its legal position—but now, as more states legalize cannabis and the industry expands, CanIDeal is providing an ecommerce marketplace with virtually no competing softwares.
  • People are excited about the potential of the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry, and as a result, an increasing amount of growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are entering the market, making it highly competitive. Additionally, as the industry grows and more money is being invested, there’s an economic shift taking place that’s eventually going to result in surplus and thin price margins.

CanIDeal provides a digital solution for this economic shift, serving as a market stabilizer that will keep margins as profitable as possible. Similar to the tools and buying options available on Amazon for retail, CanIDeal offers a supply platform for all cannabis industry-related businesses in which those with the best products and services will succeed.


475 Washington Blvd,
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Following the practices of established players from other markets, we take 2.5% of each vendor sale. This allows any company to use the CanIDeal platform free of charge!

No. CanIDeal serves the entire B2B cannabis industry, including both THC and non-THC products, from heat lamps, soil, packaging and more.

Through encryption and geo-fencing, every THC transaction on CanIDeal is fully protected, keeping all deliveries, data hosting, banking, sign-ups and vendors within individual, legal-state lines.

CanIDeal offers platform users virtual tracking and inventory management, data reporting, CRM services, brand exposure, delivery and ongoing customer support.

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