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5 Savvy Social Media Tips for Cannabis Companies

Despite the fact that cannabis is legal in some form in 33 states across the United States, parts of Africa, Europe, and all of Canada, cannabis businesses face extra restrictions and obstacles when it comes to advertising on social media platforms. So how do you get around that? Well, you certainly have to be a little savvier, more patient, and more creative than most in order to find loopholes and workarounds, but some of the solutions are outside of the jurisdictions of even the most strict social media juggernauts. This list of tips is designed to help you crush it on social media, while remaining compliant. 

Educate your consumers

Creating content that educates your current and potential consumers about the cannabis industry and your products is one of the keys to thriving on social media. Developing trust and brand awareness with your target demographic is essential and this is one of the surest ways to achieve that. 

Many of your could-be customers have no idea what CBD could be used for — in part because anything cannabis-related has been so heavily stigmatized for decades. However, this stigmatization, though wearing away, leaves a tremendous opportunity for you as a cannabis marketer. Right now, people are still trying to get a grasp on what these terms mean and what CBN, CBD, and THC can do to help them in their daily lives. Facebook in particular is a good platform to capitalize on because people are more likely to click on the link and visit a website to glean further information. 

Use Instagram stories 

Eight hundred million accounts use Instagram stories every day, nearly doubling the usage of Facebook and Messenger’s stories functionality. The beautiful thing about Instagram stories is that they allow companies to implement their marketing on a medium that is perfectly designed for mobile-driven branding and storytelling. 

The stories feature feels more intimate and due to the fact that they are temporary, it’s harder for Instagram to flag you in any way. Invite your audience to a behind the scenes look at things this way. 

Use influencer marketing

One of the most effective ways to get around the restrictions on organic reach and paid advertising is to utilize influencer marketing. The chosen influencers need to fit the profile of the target demographic or at least what that demographic envisions or desires themselves to be. 

If you want to reach suburban housewives who might be curious about how CBD could help improve the health and wellness of their families, then you should find an influencer who looks like them, talks like them, and behaves like them. The goal is that their followers will identify with your message. Nothing is more valuable than their endorsement. 

Use brand ambassadors

Incentivize your consumers to become brand ambassadors through a rev share or discount program. Again, there’s nothing more valuable than direct referrals. People are wary of being sold to, but hearing about a product from their friends is much more likely to lead to a purchase. 

Use cannabis-friendly social media platforms

This one is a no-brainer. If you can bypass the restrictions altogether, why not go for it? 

  • CannaSOS is a large social network with a focus on the consumers
  • MjLink emphasizes professionals and businesses
  • Duby is the largest marijuana network for consumers

Leafwire is newer, but rapidly growing and it focuses primarily on professionals and businesses (Think of it as the LinkedIn of the cannabis industry)

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