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Join CanIDeal, a Growing Platform for Global B2B Dispensary Supplies Online

CanIDeal takes the legwork out of B2B dispensary transactions by connecting importers and exporters through an expanding network that makes it easier to purchase online wholesale dispensary products. Our platform is convenient, secure, and compliant with legal standards, and it includes all of the features that users expect from a seamless e-commerce experience.

  • No charges or fees to list
  • Buy or sell Cannabis and Ancillary products in one place.
  • Only 2.5% fee for sales, skip the markups
  • GMP Compliant
  • Legal B2B Ecommerce Platform
  • Financing Available so you can offer and receive terms to smooth out your cash flow.
  • Multiple payment options such as Crypto Payment, ACH, and more!
  • When you make a sale, the $ is in the bank waiting for your delivery! No more hassles of collecting cash.

CanIDeal serves as a B2B online dispensary supply platform for Ancillary and Cannabis products


Benefit from an Expansive Marketplace of Online Dispensary Supplies

Members of the CanIDeal platform can currently buy and sell a host of cannabis industry products, including:

"CanIDeal is taking the right steps to build a durable platform that will service vendors and retailers for years to come."

Dave Daily

CEO & Founder of Grav Labs

What can CanIDeal do for you?


Provides exporters with the necessary tools and resources to conduct and grow their businesses online

Geo-Fenced Security

Every Transaction on CanIDeal is fully compliant with international laws

Inventory Management

Virtually track your inventory and orders from checkout to delivery

Rating System

Get noticed by retailers searching for new products and build credibility with CanIDeal’s rating system

Free Upload

Simply send your inventory information to a CanIDeal representative, and we’ll set up your product page for you, free of charge


Gain significant exposure to retailers by creating a CanIDeal account and selling your inventory online. Sign up now and, for a limited time only, have a representative set up your product page for free!

Start Exporting


Are you in the market for CBD or ancillary products? Secure a spot in our system to be ready to buy and sell on Day 1.

Start Importing

Start Exporting to Grow Your Customer Base for Wholesale Dispensary Supplies Online

The CanIDeal platform is a great resource for sellers looking for exposure to customers with a demand for your online wholesale dispensary products.

Start Importing and Gain Easy Access to Online Wholesale Dispensary Products

Importers who join the CanIDeal platform will experience the value of our network of exporters, not just from the wide variety of online dispensary supplies they have to offer, but also from the convenience of accessing this vast marketplace of B2B dispensary supplies online in one place.

Our Partners


A Seamless Shopping Experience

You'll be able to browse products by category and narrow your search with filters to find exactly what you're looking for. Each product page provides all of the information you need to make a well-informed purchasing decision, including:

Industry Knowledge Network

CanIDeal is facilitating the transfer of knowledge and materials in a completely unprecedented way for the cannabis industry.

Create an account to benefit from the first ever, B2B eCommerce platform for CBD and ancillary products

If a baker wants to get involved in the edibles market, where are they going to find the right type of plant and quantity for their recipe? CanIDeal is the digital solution bridging the gap for new entrants and business owners.

We serve as an industry-knowledge hub and B2B platform for entrepreneurs looking to prosper in the rapidly expanding cannabis market.

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A Revolution in B2B Dispensary Products Online

Expanding legalization has led to incredible growth in the cannabis market, and while this is great for consumers seeking increased access to CBD and ancillary products, the infrastructure to connect B2B importers and exporters isn’t widely available yet. At CanIDeal, we aim to bridge this gap in a comprehensive and revolutionary way, with a convenient platform that ensures sellers find their market and importers have access to needed dispensary products online.

CanIDeal takes the guesswork out of making essential connections and creating reliable supply chains. We facilitate the buying and selling of B2B wholesale dispensary products in compliance with legal standards so you never have to worry, and our unique rating system creates accountability and allows importers and exporters find valued partners. We offer easy functionality, safe and secure transactions, tracking capabilities, and everything you need to enjoy smooth operations when you buy or sell B2B dispensary supplies online.

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