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The first fully-legal B2B software service for the Cannabis industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an easy to use, fully legal, ecommerce solution for the wholesale and retail Cannabis industry.

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What We Do

e bring knowledge: Looking for a particular strain, or producer?

We bring knowledge: Looking for a particular strain, or product?

Deliver to you the Cannabis business owner, the ability to have the same set of tools, buying options and accounting as a seller on Ebay, Amazon or Ali-Baba.

Conduct business with confidence

Conduct business with confidence

Your information is on an encrypted, fully licensed and legal ecommerce system that is geo-ring-fenced to meet and exceed the requirements of the state as well as the federal government.

Hassle free digital solution

Hassle free digital solution

We provide a full service digital solution, that is committed to earning your business every single day.


CanIDeal will be the first fully integrated, cloud hosted, fully secure, decentralized real-time, mobile software system for trading cannabis.

CanIDeal will make the purchase of wholesale cannabis and supplies, as easy as using for retailing. Log on to your account, shop, click, pay using a variety of methods including, checks, money orders, major credit cards,and the product gets delivered to your store.

For growers, distributors, drivers, suppliers and stores, CanIDeal offers full accounting, reporting, tax information, delivery and security for each transaction.

Troy Daton | CEO, The Arcview Group

Scalable Business Solutions

Cannabis businesses are vastly underserved by traditional providers of many services: point-of-sale software, B2B wholesale marketplaces, delivery logistics platforms, payroll and HR platforms, marketing platforms, financial services, insurance, and others.

Table: Arcview Market Research Report, 5th Edition
Scalable Business Solutions Table: Arcview Market Research Report, 5th Edition

Barriers to Entry for Traditional Players*

Legal & Reputational Risks

Traditional providers face actual or perceived legal or reputational risks.

Market Size

The market is not yet big enough for traditional providers to take the risks.


The cannabis industry is so unique and fragmented, requiring specialized solutions that traditional providers often don’t have the knowledge to create.

New entrants thus have an opportunity to grab market share*

Although in time, all three of these barriers will disappear. The hope is that these cannabis-focused providers will have built enough market share so that when traditional providers come in, they will need to acquire the companies that beat them to the punch.

Indeed, this is the thesis for many people investing in this area. I believe we will start seeing acquisitions of these types of businesses by traditional players in the next two years.

*Arcview Market Research Report, 5th Edition



Legal cannabis trading in 2015 exceeded 5 billion dollars, making cannabis the only legal, multi-billion-dollar industry that has not fully taken advantage of the economies of scale offered by digital e-commerce.


In California alone, the market is 2.7 billion dollars. Any market of this size demands modern digital tools to participate fully in modern business practices. There are currently zero digital cannabis trading available in California.

$ 20 BILLION +

The legal cannabis market is expected to grow to over 20 billion dollars a year by 2020.