Grow your business to the next level with CanIDeal.

CanIDeal is the first fully-legal, B2B eCommerce platform for the entire cannabis industry. Our platform connects people from different segments of the market and provides them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in the legal cannabis business.

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Starting 2019, you’ll be able to log on to your account, shop, click, pay (using a variety of payment methods), and have products delivered directly to your store. CanIDeal offers full accounting, reporting, tax information, delivery and security through encryption and geo-fencing for each transaction, making it easier for you to grow your enterprise in a simple-to-use, safe, and legal environment.

By creating a digital network for business owners, CanIDeal is facilitating the transfer of knowledge and materials in a completely unprecedented way for the cannabis industry.

In addition to ancillary products, CanIDeal is introducing the different segments of a new industry that currently have no other way to connect. For example, if a baker wants to get involved in the edibles market, where are they going to find the right type of plant and quantity for their recipe? CanIDeal is the digital solution bridging the gap for new entrants. We serve as an industry-knowledge hub and supply platform for business owners looking to prosper in the rapidly expanding cannabis market.