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Science Proves Your Grandma’s Woodstock Weed Had Nothing on Today’s Cannabis

Rumors that marijuana has become increasingly more potent over the years has officially been confirmed by scientists. A Colorado lab analyzed 600 cannabis samples and discovered that THC levels have risen dramatically, while CBD content has declined throughout the past decades.  

How much is it rising?

Cannabis potency has gone up from around 10 percent or less THC to around 30 percent through selective breeding from market demand. Curiously, this pattern of increased THC and decreased CBD is shared across the market, so while the marijuana may take on a different appearance, the ratios of cannabinoids are relatively similar. 

The CBD that could potentially counter some of the psychoactive effects of THC has been slowly bred out. The potential perks of cannabis for treating Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, Huntington’s disease, PTSD, and other mood and neurological issues are also lessened with the non-psychoactive compounds diminished. 

Cannabis is more impure

Researchers have also found that the amount of contaminants contained in cannabis is on the rise. Chemical and biological pollutants run rampant. Besides mold and fungi, the team uncovered butane in dabs. 

How does this affect you?

The ever-increasing amounts of THC present in cannabis mostly mean that it’s difficult to properly assess what dosage you’re really getting. Users are more likely to consume excessively, which could ultimately lead to negative experiences. 

THC has the strongest effects on the brain itself, which means that it is possible for modern marijuana to trigger paranoia or psychosis. Furthermore, the lower levels of CBD mean that users that may want and need the medical benefits of CBD are getting short-changed. 

What to do about it

Many dispensaries strictly regulate the products that come into their stores and ensure that you are getting the claimed dosage. In fact, some will go a step further and create uniformity of dosage for all items, so a lollipop will have the same as a brownie and so on. 

CanIDeal vendors are heavily vetted for these exact types of reasons. Buyers will get what they’re told they’re getting both in quality and dosage. 

Shop CanIDeal now to see for yourself.

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