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So you’ve heard of CBD and THC — but have you heard of CBN?

You’ve probably heard of THC and CBD, the kings of the cannabinoids, but it’s less likely you’ve heard of CBN (cannabinol). Even many frequent cannabis users aren’t aware that there are dozens of minor cannabinoids with their own unique benefits and effects. 

CBN is one of the most important cannabinoids, so let’s dive a little deeper into this lesser known compound.

How can CBN help you?

CBN is mostly found in high concentrations in aged cannabis because it’s actually the cannabinoid THC turns into as it ages. This older brother of THC, if you will, is a non-intoxicant in a similar vein to CBD. The body of research on cannabinol is not as extensive as THC or CBD, but it does have some well-studied, proven benefits. 

Fights inflammation

In a study on rodents, CBN was shown to reduce arthritis and is considered to be a compound capable of assisting those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. 

Protects your brain

Alright, alright — another rodent study, sorry, not sorry. Researchers tested CBN as a treatment for ALS and found it could slow down the start of the condition. This is likely far from the only neurodegenerative condition CBN could help treat. 

Helps treat glaucoma

CBN can help glaucoma patients. In a study conducted on rabbits, CBN was found to decrease intraocular pressure, which is one of the greatest risk factors for those who suffer from glaucoma. CBN is not necessarily better, per se, than traditional glaucoma meds, but it may offer a natural alternative.

Kills bad bacteria

CBN has been tested against bacteria that are often resistant to pharmaceuticals and other antibiotics. The results showed that CBN is a potent eliminators of these highly resistant bacterial strains. 

Makes you hungry

CBN is a proven appetite stimulant, which means you could increase your metabolism or use it to help battle eating disorders without getting the high of the appetite-boosting THC. 

A misunderstood side effect of…well, maybe not CBN after all…

A commonly-held belief about CBN is that it has sedative effects, but CBN by itself may not be the sleep-inducer. Concentrated CBN is not going to tire you out. However, older cannabis high in CBN is typically going to be high in terpene sedatives.

Another fun fact about CBN is that it’s a non-intoxicant with the ability to actually enhance the THC euphoria. Together, these cannabinoids can blast you off to whole new highs. 

Where is CBN found?

CBN is found in older cannabis and marijuana that’s been heavily oxidized because CBN is essentially just THC that’s been exposed to large amounts of oxygen. Obviously, marijuana left to the elements isn’t always the best idea due to contaminants, molds, and other unnecessary risks, so many companies are developing pure CBN.

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