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CanIDeal Launches

CanIDeal is the first fully-legal business-to-business e-commerce platform designed to service the $15 billion legal cannabis industry. 

First to Market. The company maintains its first-mover status through world-class marketing, rapidly onboarding new merchants, and continuing to optimize the technology and compliance features of the platform. 

Built to Piece Together a Fragmented Market. CanIDeal’s easy to use platform helps verified buyers and sellers function legally, respective of the rules for cannabis-related products within each state and jurisdiction. 

Unique Geo-Fencing Capability. The cloud-based platform identifies originating location and shipping location, blocking orders which would violate state or federal laws and regulations regarding cannabis sales. The geo-fencing capability prevents illegal activity from occurring on either side of the transaction.

Comprehensive e-Commerce Tool Set. CanIDeal’s feature set provides users with data and communications encryption, accounting tools for tracking orders and fulfillment, support for sales tax reporting and administration, transaction auditing, real-time reporting for business and government review, and support for multiple types of payment. 

Large and Expanding Base of Buyers and Sellers. CanIDeal has an existing client base of more than 166 merchants who have been onboarded and an additional 529 merchants who have agreed to utilize the service. 

Highly Experienced Management and Advisors. The firm is led by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs at the management and advisory board levels, many of whom have worked together to create an exit highly successful companies along with former heads of IT and SEO at Nike and ZipRecruiter, respectively. 

Top-tier Tech Partners and Platform. Via partnership with Campus on Fire, a NYC-based IT service and software development firm, CanIDeal has developed a platform that connects cultivars, dispensaries, processors, and manufacturers in the cannabis industry. 

The Company. Based in Marina Del Rey, California, CanIDeal is an early stage, Delaware-domiciled C-corporation that currently employs a number of IT-focused contractors, part-time workers, and 12 full-time staff members, including five software developers. The board of advisors has expertise in finance, business development, corporate law, and technological strategy. 

The Market. Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the United States with an estimated value of $15 billion in the legal cannabis market place in 2019. By 2024, cannabis dispensaries are expected to surpass $30 billion in revenues. 

Revenue. The platform supports transactions involving THC-based products within the jurisdictions where the sale of THC-based cannabis products is legal. The growth and profitability of that particular segment of the cannabis is much higher, which is especially significant considering that CanIDeal generates most of its revenues from transaction fees. 

Financing. CanIDeal seeks to raise $5 million through the sale of 2,500,000 shares of Class A Common Shares, which have one vote per share. Investors in this offering will own as much as 11.1% of the company if all shares are sold with the terms above. CanIDeal is raising capital to launch a focused marketing campaign, add additional capabilities to its e-commerce platform, and expand CanIDeal’s management team to support the company’s expected growth in new customers and revenues. 

If you would like to know more about the company or this offering, please visit:

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