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ArcView Las Vegas Recap

If you didn’t get the chance to visit CanIDeal at The ArcView Group Las Vegas forum last month, here’s what you missed…

CanIDeal was invited as a result of our long involvement with BDS Analytics, the leading analytics firm in cannabis valuations and a partner of The ArcView Group. BDS Analytics has worked closely with CanIDeal since we were a mere ‘deck and a dream,’ having helped develop our business plan and company valuation of $268 million, based on a five year free cash flow.

We were among the nation’s top cannabis industry leaders in sponsoring the conference, which many experts have referred to as “the most important cannabis investor event of the last five years.” It was a very successful weekend, both for institutional investment and vendor sign-ups. We’re currently speaking to several major investment groups as well as potential partners, including an enormous national vendor and other major brands for ancillary products (to be announced upon finalization). We also received the opportunity to expand CanIDeal’s international contact base, which could lead to foreign market rollouts, post-national launch.

Overall, the event was a major pre-launch success! If you’re also interested in investing, visit to capitalize on CanIDeal’s current private placement offering. Inside our portal, you’ll find everything required to invest, including the executive summary, the PPM, sub documents and accredited investor paperwork. The investment process, including the signing of all documents, can be fully completed online, and we encourage investors to take advantage of our low-cost units before the special offer ends!

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