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Join the Digital Revolution! Secure a Spot on CanIDeal Today

In Q3 2018, we launched the vendor side of CanIDeal’s software, which means that vendors are now able to create accounts, upload content, and secure a place in CanIDeal’s system as we continue to build the buyer side of our platform.

So…why sign up?

CanIDeal is the first fully-legal, B2B eCommerce platform for the entire cannabis industry. We offer a unique, digital solution that connects growers, distributors, edible makers, CBD producers, ancillary product dispensaries, and supporting industries in a simple and transparent manner. What’s more, CanIDeal provides convenience and efficiency across the entire cannabis market and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and materials in a completely unprecedented way for this fragmented, fast-growing industry.

By creating a digital network for business owners and ancillary products, CanIDeal is linking people from different segments of a new market, who really have no other way to connect, and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in the legal cannabis business.

Streamline your business operations with CanIDeal. Join our platform to access:

Virtual Tracking & Inventory Management

Simplify communications across all internal teams using CanIDeal’s centralized software where you can virtually track your inventory and orders from checkout to delivery.

CRM & Brand Exposure

Maintain client relationships and get noticed by retailers searching for new products.

Charts & Data Reports

Use CanIDeal’s charts, graphs and reports to adjust your business plan and make data-driven decisions.

Geo-Fenced Security

Through encryption and geo-fencing, every transaction on CanIDeal is fully protected, keeping all deliveries, data hosting, banking, sign-ups and vendors within individual, legal-state lines. Our software also allows users to access local, non-regulated products from all sections of the cannabis industry—from heat lamps, fertilizer, lab services, and more.

Hassle-Free Digital Solution

We provide a full-service digital solution that is committed to earning you business every single day.

Industry Stabilizer

Similar to the tools and buying options available on Amazon for retail, CanIDeal offers a supply platform for all cannabis businesses in which those with the best products and services will succeed.

Sign up now to become a vendor while we build the buyer side of CanIDeal’s software! As of 2019, you’ll be able to log on to your account, shop, click, pay (using a variety of payment methods), and have products delivered directly to your store. CanIDeal offers full accounting, reporting, tax information, delivery and security through encryption and geo-fencing for each transaction, making it easier for you to grow your enterprise in a simple-to-use, safe, and legal environment.

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