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MoneyShow San Francisco Recap

Our team recently attended The MoneyShow San Francisco to spread the word about CanIDeal and our marketplace for the cannabis supply chain. The event yielded high exposure for our platform, between having a booth and Joseph Farruggia, CanIDeal’s founder and CEO, getting the opportunity to present as well as participate on the MoneyShow’s cannabis industry panel. If you were unable to attend the event, or couldn’t tune in via the live stream, here’s what you missed:

Cannabis Industry Panel

The panel consisted of experts who capitalize on the US cannabis market and spoke to the investment opportunities within the space. The discussion touched on strategies for building a profitable portfolio, regardless of investment style or financial goals. In addition to Joseph, the panelists included:

  • Jason Wilson, President of Budding Equity Asset Management, Inc. (Canadian cannabis investment/consulting company)
  • Robert Brooke, CEO of Vitality Biopharma, Inc. (US-listed company focusing on CBD-based, GI-track-targeting pharmaceuticals)
  • Chet Billingsley, CEO of Mentor Capital, Inc. (publicly traded cannabis investment company)
  • Michael Berger, President & founder of (independent research firm focused specifically on the cannabis sector)

CanIDeal Presentation

During his presentation, Joseph spoke about the current bubble that the cannabis market is in. People are excited about the potential of the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry, and as a result, an increasing amount of growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are entering the market, making it highly competitive. Additionally, as the industry grows and more money is invested, Joseph spoke about an economic shift that will result in surplus and thin price margins.

This is where CanIDeal comes in! Similar to the tools and buying options available on Amazon for retail, CanIDeal acts as a market stabilizer, serving as the first fully-legal eCommerce platform for all cannabis businesses.

CanIDeal Booth

We generated hundreds of new leads between our booth and panel/speaking presence! Moreover, being situated next to big names like Aurora and featuring on panels with major players in the cannabis market really put CanIDeal’s name up among industry leaders, generating heavy foot traffic by the booth from cannabis investors, business owners, and even investors who never considered investing in the cannabis market before. In fact, many found it hard to believe that the B2B cannabis market had no pre-existing eCommerce outlet, and they were very interested in our platform as a result.  As such, being able to demo our functional vendor-side of the product was extremely useful and proved to be a big draw/convincing factor for the people we spoke to.

CanIDeal Animation

We showed the animation below, both during Joseph’s presentation and at the booth, which performs a deep dive of CanIDeal’s business model and profitability. Give it a watch!

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