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Protect your Portfolio by Investing in CanIDeal

Unlike most business models, CanIDeal’s platform is positioned to succeed regardless of what’s happening in the stock market or marijuana’s level of demand. How is this possible?

CanIDeal is a support system for the production, processing, and sale of a valuable commodity, consumed in both good times and bad, and is therefore a highly stable investment.

Like liquor, tobacco and other industries that remain in demand during economic downturns, cannabis is counter cyclical. It’s an industry that will prosper regardless of the state of the market, bull or bear, because few people are willing to cut it out of their personal budgets. So whether a recession or inflation occurs, cannabis will continue to yield reliable revenue streams. Therefore, investing in CanIDeal, the first and only B2B ecommerce platform for the entire cannabis industry, is a solid investment for driving steady returns. It’s a great way to protect your portfolio when the market goes down because as all investors know, every bull market eventually turns into a bear.

Something else to consider is the saturation of the cannabis growth and retail sectors. People are excited about the potential of this multibillion-dollar industry, and as a result, an increasing amount of growers and retailers are entering the market, making it highly competitive. Additionally, as attention continues to surround the industry and cannabis becomes more accepted in mainstream society, more money is being invested, which will eventually lead to a greater supply of cannabis products than there is a demand and will ultimately drive down prices. After all, the sale of marijuana only makes up one-third of the entire cannabis market.

CanIDeal provides a digital solution for this economic shift, serving as a market stabilizer that will  keep margins as profitable as possible. Similar to the tools and buying options available on Amazon for retail, CanIDeal offers a supply platform for all cannabis businesses in which those with the best products and services will succeed. What’s more, both established companies as well as new entries to the market will have a need for our platform, resulting in various revenue streams for our investors, regardless of the state of the economy.

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