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CanIDeal—One Company Poised to Change the Digital Landscape of the Entire Cannabis Industry

CanIDeal is the first fully-legal, B2B ecommerce platform for the entire cannabis industry. For years, the cannabis market had no internet infrastructure due to its legal position—but now, as more states legalize cannabis and the industry expands, CanIDeal is providing a secure and comprehensive marketplace that captures various revenue streams from every sector of the cannabis industry. Not only does this make CanIDeal unique and the first of its kind, but it’s also the only one-stop-shop for all things cannabis. This presents a major opportunity for investors because we’re providing an ecommerce solution that business owners in a booming industry never had access to before—with virtually no competing software. This ultimately positions our business model to succeed, making now the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and invest.

CanIDeal anticipates the needs of industry players in advance and gives them a ready-to-go solution. We supply a platform that connects people from different segments of the cannabis industry, who would have no other way of meeting, and provide them with the necessary tools and resources for every step of the process. Most investors only think about end-user sales, and to an extent, growing the product, but the reality is that it’s the infrastructure surrounding production and retail that makes up majority of the market’s revenue. There’s a lot more that goes into farming, edibles, and the business side of cannabis sales than what people think.

Take the long-term, underground cannabis farmer for example, someone who may be interested in becoming a legal grower but doesn’t have access to the resources he needs to grow his product for the legal market. Our platform provides everything that he’ll need, both material and relationship wise, to enter the legal market with minimum hassle and effort.

By creating this digital network for business owners, we’re facilitating the transfer of knowledge and materials in a completely unprecedented way for the industry. We’re taking a proactive approach by fulfilling an unmet need as it’s rapidly being recognized and supporting a lucrative marketplace as it expands. What’s more, CanIDeal’s platform is safe and fully-legal through our encryption and geo-ring-fencing technology, which applies to both thc-based products for legal, in-state trading as well as inter-state sales of non-thc products. This keeps all deliveries, data hosting, banking, sign-ups and vendors within individual, legal-state lines—eliminating risk for both users and investors.

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