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Reap Long Term Gains by Investing in Cannabis Infrastructure

Investing in CanIDeal means investing in a platform that, unlike any other digital solution, provides a marketplace for everything from light bulbs to baking supplies. This means that our investors can profit from various revenue streams by investing in a structure that supports sales, growth, and all other aspects of the market.

Think about Levi’s, the American clothing brand known for its denim jeans, that rose to popularity during the California Gold Rush. At the time, San Francisco was built on the local businesses that sold goods to miners, such as Levi’s jeans and other mining tools and necessities. Point being, it wasn’t the gold that built the economy, it was the supporting businesses. CanIDeal has the same sort of business model by giving people in the cannabis industry the necessary tools to succeed; moreover, we provide a platform that connects people with the resources they need to grow their businesses.

We’re not the construction guys—we’re the taco truck parked out front that sells the only food for miles. We’re the only people selling pickaxes in San Francisco during a gold rush where the next supplier is 3,000 miles away in NY. The analogies go on and on…and if you invest in CanIDeal now, you could be the savvy guy who invested in the pickaxe store before it opened shop, sitting on a pile of gold, versus the guy who invested later on and only reaped half the revenue. Basically, what we’re saying is that timing is everything. Think of where you would be today if you were an early stage investor in Amazon or E-Bay! The earlier you invest, and the more the cannabis industry grows, the greater you’ll profit.

But more than just supplying a platform for materials, we’re introducing the different segments of a new industry that currently have no other way to connect. For example, if a baker wants to start making weed tiramisu, where is he going to find the right type of plant and quantity to make his new dessert? Or the other way around, if a grower wants to expand and start making weed brownies, how would he know the tastiest way to do so, the right grade of flower to use or where to buy it in bulk? CanIDeal makes both of these scenarios possible, by connecting the right suppliers and resources. In doing so, we’re allowing businesses to transfer knowledge and materials and expand in a totally unprecedented way. Like Levi’s, we plan to support this booming industry by fulfilling a need, and we also anticipate our business model to be a major success.

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