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Why You Should Invest in CanIDeal’s Business Model

CanIDeal unifies the entire B2B cannabis market under one digital roof. We provide a marketplace for every manufacturer in the industry by taking a small percentage of each vendor sale, allowing any buyer to use our platform and shop the best deals for supplies—free of charge! For investors interested in the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry, here are some additional CanIDeal product highlights:

The First Nationally Branded Marketplace for Cannabis

Working with our partners who have done branding and digital spaces for companies like AT&T,  J.P. Morgan Chase, Chase Bank and Weight Watchers, CanIDeal is building the first nationally branded marketplace for the entire cannabis market.

The Only Fully Legal Marketplace for Cannabis

Through encryption and “geo-ring-fencing,” every transaction on CanIDeal is fully protected and within legal state lines. By creating a secure and comprehensive marketplace for the entire cannabis industry, CanIDeal captures various revenue streams from every sector of the B2B market.

Cutting Edge Digital Tool that Helps Companies Compete

CanIDeal’s “smart” software implements machine learning to collect data about businesses and make targeted recommendations for quality products at the best prices.

High Demand Product

Can you think of another multi-billion-dollar marketplace that doesn’t use e-commerce? Of course not! It’s 2018—almost every industry uses the internet to save money and compete. For years, the cannabis market had no internet infrastructure due to its legal position. Now, as more states legalize cannabis and the industry expands, CanIDeal provides an e-commerce solution for an increasingly competitive and lucrative market.

Private Placement Offering

CanIDeal’s private placement offering gives accredited investors the opportunity to participate and profit from a booming market with virtually no e-commerce competitors. Timing is everything. Think of where you would be today if you were an early stage investor in Amazon or  E-Bay. CanIDeal puts you on the ground floor of a booming business, giving you the ability to reap massive profits. BDS Analytics, the world’s leading expert in cannabis, has been quoted in the The Motley Fool, Forbes, and The New York Times, predicting “massive adoption rates” for CanIDeal’s business strategy. What’s more, BDS Analytics recently partnered with us to develop a comprehensive road map and valuation for CanIDeal, which is much higher than the units are currently selling for—and you can become a part of it all by investing.

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