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5 Reasons Why CanIDeal is the Best Place to Invest Your Money Right Now

Legal cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity that has everyone buzzing. Experts are even referring to it as ‘one of the most exciting, lucrative investing stories of our time.’ This creates the perfect storm for CanIDeal because as the industry grows, so do our B2B revenue streams, making now the perfect time to invest in our business model!

Here are 5 reasons why CanIDeal is the best place to invest your money right now:

1. The cannabis market is highly lucrative and growing rapidly.

According to Arcview and BDS Analytics, consumer spending on legal cannabis is projected to reach $57 billion by 2027. People are excited about this multi-billion-dollar industry now that it’s finally able to participate in the legal economy, and more and more growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are beginning to open shop. As attention continues to surround the industry and cannabis becomes more accepted in mainstream society, more money is being invested by big-time players and celebrities. Therefore, by unifying all aspects of the cannabis market, from oils, edibles, growing supplies, cooking materials, retail tools and more, CanIDeal offers investors a wide variety of ever increasing revenue streams.

2. CanIDeal anticipates the needs of a marketplace before they are recognized. We provide a platform that connects people in the cannabis industry with the necessary tools and resources, for every step of the process.

Majority of the $57 billion estimated above is actually not end-user sales, but rather the infrastructure surrounding production and retail. Majority of investors only think about end-user sales, and to an extent, growing the product. However, what’s ignored are all of the materials and services involved in turning a patch of dirt into a plant (skills, seeds, fertilizer, heat lamps, etc.), creating a usable form (drying the plants, the manpower and tools for pruning them), the further refinement that takes place when creating other products (the cooking materials and equipment for edibles, distillation equipment for concentrates, etc.), and the business-side of retail sales.

Currently, there isn’t a place for people to turn to once they realize all the moving pieces involved. You can’t exactly obtain the materials and cannabis connections you need from a Home Depot. This is an unmet need that many people won’t realize immediately, but CanIDeal aims to provide this B2B, unifying service for when it dawns on them what they are missing.

3. CanIDeal eliminates risk with our “geo-ring-fencing” technology, which is very unique for the cannabis business.

The trading of cannabis is legal inside a number of individual states, so we make sure to keep all deliveries, data hosting, banking, sign-ups and vendors within individual, legal-state borders. Additionally, through the use of encryption and geo-ring-fencing, we keep credit card details and bank processing data protected with the packet push process and location-specific access. This way, every vendor and buyer using CanIDeal can rest easy, knowing their transactions are safe and fully legal, which is a very unique guarantee in the cannabis market.

4. CanIDeal is the first fully-legal, B2B ecommerce entity for the entire cannabis industry.

Until recently, the cannabis market had no internet infrastructure due to its legal position. For years, the cannabis industry had to maintain a low profile while other markets benefited from the digital economy. Now, as more states continue to legalize cannabis and the industry expands, CanIDeal is providing an ecommerce solution that business owners never had access to before—with virtually no competing softwares.

5. Our business model isn’t affected by fluctuations in the market.

While the growth and retail sectors have exploded, nearly to the point of saturation, our business model succeeds regardless of a drought or surplus of marijuana. Both established businesses as well as new entries to the market have a need for our service, which keeps margins as profitable as possible. We serve as a market stabilizer in a highly competitive industry, in which the cannabis businesses with the best products and services will succeed. In other words, investing in CanIDeal is an investment that’s programmed to thrive, regardless of what’s happening in the market.

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