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CanIDeal: One Digital Marketplace for the Entire Cannabis Industry

Hi there! And welcome to CanIDeal.

We are the first fully-legal B2B marketplace for the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry—a market that until recently had no internet infrastructure due to its legal position. For years, the cannabis industry had to maintain a low profile while other markets benefited from the digital economy. Now, as more states continue to legalize cannabis and the industry expands, resulting in various cannabis-related products, the market is beginning to shift.

People are excited about this existing multi-billion-dollar industry that’s finally able to participate in the legal economy, and more and more growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are beginning to open shop. To that end, big time investors and celebrities are pumping a lot of money into the potential of this 30 billion dollar industry, resulting in a market that’s highly competitive and overly invested in.

So what’s bound to happen? Surplus. More money and suppliers are entering the industry than there are consumers—after all, the sale of marijuana only makes up one-third of the 30 billion industry—so as competition continues to rise, growing and selling marijuana is no longer going to be as profitable as it once was, and margins will become razor thin.

This is where CanIDeal comes in, offering one digital marketplace for all things cannabis. CanIDeal serves as a market stabilizer to eliminate the clutter and facilitate the natural law of supply and demand. Currently, more money is entering the industry than there are customers, and more product is being grown than can be sold. CanIDeal thereby provides a sales outlet that equalizes the market, facilitating the sale of all cannabis products for all businesses in which those with the best prices and services will remain standing.

Simply log on to your account, shop, click, pay (using a variety of payment methods), and have the product delivered directly to your store. It’s as easy as that! Additionally, CanIDeal offers full accounting, reporting, tax information, delivery and security for each transaction. We make it easier for cannabis business owners, including growers, distributors, drivers, suppliers and store owners, to grow their enterprises in an easy-to-use, safe, and legal environment.

Wondering about our business model? Following the practices of established players from other markets, we take a small percentage of each vendor sale. This allows any buyer to use the CanIDeal platform free of charge!

And unlike other companies who are comfortable with a high level of risk—we’re not. When we say we’re fully legal, we really mean it. The trading of cannabis is legal inside a number of individual states, so we make sure to keep all deliveries, data hosting, banking, sign-ups and vendors within individual, legal-state borders. What’s more, by using encryption and geo-ring-fencing, we keep credit card details and bank processing data protected with the packet push process and location-specific access. This way, every vendor and buyer using CanIDeal can rest easy, knowing their transactions are safe and legal.

By entering the market at this early stage, CanIDeal has an excellent chance to establish its brand as an ecommerce market leader—and you can become a part of that by investing. Investing in CanIDeal is an investment in the potential of the entire cannabis industry—a $30 billion marketplace that is growing by 30% a year.

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