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CanIDeal Addresses the Natural Law of Economics

Something that the CanIDeal team has always been interested in is the natural law of economics—supply and demand. When the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry suddenly entered the economy as a legal business, we foresaw a shift in the market that would result in surplus and thin price margins. Subsequently, we decided to facilitate a solution that would serve as a market stabilizer and adapt to an economy transformed by eCommerce. The result? A comprehensive and fully secure online marketplace for all things cannabis—CanIDeal.

For years, the cannabis industry was unable to benefit from eCommerce because it was illegal. Now, you have an existing multi-billion-dollar industry that’s finally emerging with no digital infrastructure. To that end, more money and suppliers are entering the industry than there are customers, as the sale of marijuana only makes up one-third of the entire cannabis industry, which is going to inevitably result in a highly competitive market operating under a surplus.

To break it down simply, people are excited about the potential of the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry, and as a result, an increasing amount of growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are entering the market, making it highly competitive. Additionally, as attention continues to surround the industry and cannabis becomes more accepted in mainstream society, more money is being invested, which will eventually lead to a greater supply of cannabis products than there is a demand. As the natural law of economics states, an increase in supply results in a decrease in demand and price. Therefore, marijuana will no longer be as profitable as it once was if supply and competition continue to drive down the price.

CanIDeal provides a digital solution for this economic shift, offering the first digital marketplace for the entire cannabis industry. Similar to the tools and buying options available on Amazon for retail, CanIDeal acts as a market stabilizer, serving as a sales outlet for all cannabis businesses in which those with the best prices and services will succeed.

In a recent article, Forbes commented on the increasing level of competition within the cannabis industry:

“As competition increases, so should product quality and consistency. 2018 will also bring increased adoption of blockchain technology that could add much needed transparency, legitimacy and security to the cannabis market, especially in terms the fields of payments and supply chain management.”

Case in point, CanIDeal mitigates the natural odds of capitalism through supply chain management while providing the transparency, legitimacy and security that the cannabis market needs.

And if you’re debating on investing, you’ll want to hear this—The entire cannabis market is estimated to be over $30 billion and growing at a rate of 30% a year! By unifying all aspects of the cannabis market, from oils, edibles, growing supplies, flower and more, CanIDeal offers investors a wide variety of ever increasing revenue streams. There’s a lot of money flooding into this industry, creating the perfect storm for CanIDeal and its investors.

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