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BDS Analytics: The Leader in Cannabis Business Intelligence

If you’re thinking about investing in the cannabis industry but want to know more information, we highly recommend that you look into BDS Analytics. BDS is the leader in cannabis business intelligence and #1 funding mechanism in the industry. Their advanced market data will help you make wise business decisions and increase your opportunities for both efficiency and revenue.

By capturing millions of transactions from dispensary point-of-sale systems, BDS Analytics provides industry insights that help drive the cannabis sector to succeed. They have a holistic understanding of the emerging cannabis market and implement their state-of-the-art market intelligence, along with demographic and psychographic research from their Cannabis Consumer Research Division, to enable dispensaries, brands, and growers to make well-informed decisions.

Major news outlets often reference BDS Analytics when sharing cannabis data insights, including The Marijuana Times, Marijuana Business Daily, Cannabis Business Times, AdAge, Fast Company, Business Insider, Rolling Stone, Inc., Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, Axios and many more, which speaks to BDS’ repubility. (You can view all of BDS Analytics’ recent press mentions here.)

Additionally, BDS Analytics has a Strategic Research Division that develops financial and market analytics, publishes reports and regular news analysis, provides strategic consulting services, and assesses new business opportunities for companies and investors. This division is headed by Tom Adams, the Editor-in-Chief of Arcview Market Research and Principal Analyst at BDS Analytics, who has a long history of working in research and data analytics.

Interested? Check out “The Road Map to a $57 Billion Worldwide Market,” a 2018 report released by Arcview Market Research, in partnership with BDS Analytics. This report contains cutting edge numbers, including consumer spending on legal cannabis projected to reach $57 billion by 2027, which is even larger than CanIDeal anticipated!

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